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Natalie Dixon

Natalie Dixon

Company Director

My family has been in construction as long as I can remember.  I swear I have timber in my blood and concrete in my veins. The passion for oak frame buildings started over 14 years ago. I grew up in Australia with my entire family being born in the UK and we don't have much of truly historic oak buildings around us in Oz. So I fell into this industry with a love and care and passion of building with hardwood timber. I studied at TRADA in the UK to become a tropical and temperate hardwood grader. I followed my passion for design with this adaptable, durable and flexible medium. Whatever you want to achieve - it can be done with oak. It is flexible strong and aesthetically (and acoutsically), pleasing. I find most of my time dealing with architects and designers teaching them to ditch the steel work and replace it with oak. There is rarely a point to put the likes of steel flitch plates in place when a traditional jointing method can do the job just as well if not better. If you doubt me....look around at the amazing historic buildings all around us in Europe.  I just feel that this is an endless artistic and robust material to create amazing spaces and buildings.

From little acorns...

spectacular buildings grow