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Where to buy Oak Frame Garage Kits

There is huge range of variety of oak frame garages and oak garage kits that our clients request. You can have a custom built structure with accomoation and rooms above or a simple frame with softwood roof to give the impression of a full hardwood timber carport. All our builds are delivered in kit form ready to install either by our contractors or we liaise with your own builders to help them construct the frame and building themself. Clients often like the latter option as this may keep costs down and realistically if the structure is fairly simple there is no reason an experienced builder cannot install our hardwood timber frame kits.

Durable timber and simple to install. Many different design options from curved braces - solid oak doors - to elaborate custom designs to garage your prized possession whilst adding to the curb appeal of your home. We believe that hardwood is the only option for durability.
As planning looks at the foot print foremost seems a shame not to utilise the loft space in the garage with smooth oak frame design for your new office or gym. Or turn it into valuable guest accomodation.
This is a total solution to both space for a carport and invaluable space for storage or better yet a gym or guest accommodation. Any variation is possible.